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Description:PhD students have the opportunity to receive advanced education and to perform  cutting-edge research in many fields of Life Sciences:


1. the molecular and biophysical analysis of biological molecules and their structures;

2. control of gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes;

3. functional genomics, bioinformatics and system biology;

4. molecular mechanisms controlling cell proliferation and degeneration, cell differentiation and development.


Duration: 3 years

Language: English

PhD School coordinator: Prof. Martin Kater

PhD School vice-coordinator: Prof. Stefano Ricagno

PhD School secretary: Margherita Russo

General information PhD schools (XXXVI cycle 2020-21):
http://www.unimi.it/ENG/courses/31180.htm (ENG);
http://www.unimi.it/ricerca/dottorati/1280.htm (ITA);

To submit your application you need to register in the website of the University of Milan: here more information

Submit your application here (application on line ONLY): http://www.unimi.it/ENG/admission/92324.htm

Admission requirements:

- Master or equivalent qualification.

- Transcript of the exam list with grades (both bachelor and master)

- English language Certificate (minimum B2)

- Diploma Supplement 1

- Curriculum vitae

- A research project 2

- Publications (if any)

- Two recommendation letters

1 Diploma Supplement, issued by the University according to European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES standards, or degree certificate in Italian or English from the University of provenance, indicating exams taken, corresponding grades and credits, and showing the statistical distribution of exam grades of each course. This document is not required of graduates/undergraduates of the University of Milan since it will be acquired internally.

2 Research project: the candidate is expected to write a mock 3-year research project (in English). Average length should be 5 pages. It may be based on the candidate’s master thesis or on other scientific topics; however, the topic should be relevant for the PhD school. The quality of mock 3-year research project will be evaluated in the first part of the selection and will be orally presented in the second part of the selection. Main criteria for the evaluation are scientific quality, rationale, feasibility, and experimental plan.

Application deadline: September 14th 2020  by  2 pm

PhD candidate selection: September 2020

Start of the PhD: October 19, 2020

Number of PhD positions available: 8+2 funded by the project "Department of Excellence"awarded to the Department of Biosciences by the Italian Ministry of Research.

For further information on this PhD school: http://www.unimi.it/ricerca/dottorati/111222.htm?dott=R11of1&anno=2019

Selection consists in:

    1. Evaluation of the CV and of the Research project
      • Evaluation of the CV: maximum score 20 points (bachelor education, master education, publications, professional experiences, other titles)
      • Evaluation of the research project: maximum score 10 points (scientific quality, rationale, feasibility, experimental plan)
      • To be admitted to the second step of the selection the CV have to be evaluated not less than 10 points and the research project not less than 5 points
    2. Primary candidate evaluation (CV and research project) will be available at: http://studente.unimi.it/ammissioni/g/graduatoridottorati/checkLogin.asp
    3. Oral interviews (presentation of the project, discussion and questions)
      Online interviews will take place on 28-29-30 September 
    4. Final candidate evaluation will be available at: http://studente.unimi.it/ammissioni/g/graduatoridottorati/checkLogin.asp


Admission will be granted to candidates with a score of 70/100 and above

If you want to receive updates about the 2020-21 PhD selection or ask questions about the PhD school in Molecular and cellular biology please write to MCB.PhD@unimi.it


E' stato pubblicato il bando di ammissione ai corsi di dottorato - a.a. 2020/21 - XXXXVI ciclo con scadenza il 14 settembre 2020.
Il bando è presente al link https://www.unimi.it/en/education/postgraduate-programmes/doctoral-programmes-phd alle pagine dei rispettivi dottorati.

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