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Master degree in Bioinformatics for Computational Genomics (Classe    )

The Master degree in Bioinformatics for Computational Genomics aims to form graduates with adequate knowledge about: the molecular basis of biological systems; the structure and function of biological molecules and their role in cellular processes; tools and platforms for bioinformatic and genomic analysis; statistical and computational methodologies for the analysis of biomolecular data.

The Master degree therefore includes activities providing in depth knowledge on:

  • the organization of information in the genome, and the biological processes at the basis of gene expression and its regulation;
  • the experimental methods used for studying genes and their function in different model species;
  • the technologies employed in modern genomic research;
  • methods and protocols of bioinformatic analysis in genomic studies;
  • algorithmic, mathematical and statistical approaches underlying bioinformatic and genomic analysis tools;
  • data base technologies for the storage and organization of the data; modelling and analysis techniques employed in systems biology for the study of interactions in complex biological systems.

The program includes an internship in research laboratories either at the University of Milan or in other Italian or foreign research institutes. Its results will be described in a final written dissertation, to be discussed in front of a thesis committee.



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